Spongebob Essay

Spongebob Essay

Spongebob - Write my essaySponge Bob lives deep in the ocean. Next door to him live friends Squared and Patrick, with whom constantly adventure funny stories. SpongeBob has a job and a boss, a Crab, hiding a secret method of making crabburgers at the bottom of the ocean. All characters are very friendly and positive, Sponge Bob is always in a great mood.

- The original story of Sponge Bob and Patrick, or maybe a separate story of Sandy Chicks or Plankton? - Robbins assumed. - I think that's what fans are demanding.

He also called SpongeBob the "Marvel universe" by Nickelodeon, which still attracts viewers. The decision on spin-offs was made as part of a strategy to attract an audience to the channel, which has noticeably lost interest in the content demonstrated - in the fourth quarter of 2018 the number of viewers aged 2 to 11 years decreased by 24% compared to the same period in 2017.

You can also watch an interesting video of sponge bob writing his essay.

an essay by Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob writing an Essay todey!

SpongeBob Writes an Essay in 5 Minutes!

SpongeBob is a known procrastinator. So what does it take for him to sit down and write an essay? Templates imposed by the school and boring themes do not contribute much to the creativity of the child. But every parent can make things right. Kids hate to write in literature classes. They don't want to reason why Dobrolyubov called Katerina from "The Thunderstorm" "a ray of light in the dark kingdom". They don't like to describe the picture of Vasnetsov. They're squeezing out all the remains of the failed Pushkin and Tolstoy. The children cry over the texts and try to find at least five more words, which are not enough to the number set by the teacher.


How to teach a child to write an essay.

1. Invite me to write a fairy tale.

Do not write essays, play them. Make a habit of writing fairy tales. It doesn't matter if you're 7 or 107 years old. Think of a positive and negative hero and a place where something happened, and ask your child to write a story. You'll end up with funny or thoughtful stories. It all depends on the characters that you give the child. And most importantly, the children will feel what they want to hear. Make sure you tell your child what to fix to make the story even more interesting. A young writer must understand that his work is not perfect. Unless, of course, it's true.

2. Teach to pay attention to detail

A child should notice interesting details around him. It could be anything: a sagging sign with a letter that's about to fall off, a black ear by a white dog, peas curtains on the window in the house opposite, a funny phrase heard from the neighbor's grandfather. Ask the child to compose a story using these details and help weave them into the story.

Spongebob essay meme

Spongebob Essay MEME

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